Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cambodian Association for Protection of Journalists

What is CAPJ?

Cambodian Association of Protection of Journalists (CAPJ) is a professional organisation for those Cambodian journalists who struggle for freedom of the press, the welfare of journalists and the right of society to obtain information.

CAPJ was founded on September 16th 2000 at a meeting of 30 journalists from 20 organisations in Phnom Penh. The participants also use that opportunity to show the non-partisan, non-profit, process in democracy and open way and impartial association in Cambodia to the world and regional countries.

CAPJ oppose every form of repression of the press as it is convinced that democratisation can only occur if the flow of the information is not disrupted. CAPJ oppose any forms of puppet and pro-powerful men in create the false new and lured the readers and listeners.
CAPJ has committed to establishing a fraternal spirit among the Cambodian journalists and step by step to reach the goal of responsible and real representative the voice of the people.

Our commitment take the forms of several programs such as discussion and seminar about the freedom of the press, journalistic training for new alternative Cambodian journalists publication about the press and other mass media, publication of quality book and other event deal with the press, monitoring the situation of the press in Cambodia, legal assistance and humanitarian help for those journalists and their families who are confronted with repression, improvement in welfare for journalists as well as protection while undertaking their tasks and cooperation with international press institutions.

What is difference between CAPJ and other Cambodian associations?
CAPJ is the elite association with comprise most of Cambodian journalists works with foreign media in Cambodia and the only one organisation process in open vote and transparency. CAPJ has no affiliate with government or any politicians as the backbone.

CAPJ is currently head by a chairperson, governing council, which has 9 members, and each of whom are chosen at CAPJ’s congress, held every two years.
CAPJ is open door to every Cambodian journalists who respect the status and code ethic of CAPJ.

What is the goal of CAPJ?

The goal of CAPJ is uphold the freedom of expression and oppose all the pressure from any side toward Cambodian journalists, and improving the standard of Cambodian press from day to day.

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